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Screaming Tunnel

Niagara Falls

Located near the end of the road on right-hand side of Warner Road, just off of Taylor/Beechwood Road.
The story has it that a girl burned to death in the middle of the tunnel, after her house caught fire and she was trying to put herself out.

Why is it haunted?
It is said that the girl is still in this tunnel, haunting it. The urban legend has it that if you stand in the middle of the tunnel and light a wooden match stick, she will blow it out immediately and you will be able to hear her screams.
Is ALL of this true?
Well, not really. When you walk into the tunnel it does have a very odd smell to it and the tunnel does get gradually colder as you walk further in it. The middle of the tunnel is by far the coldest spot in the tunnel. As far as the match story goes, when we attempted it 3 times and the match DID blow out, BUT only when there was no light shining on it and we DID NOT hear any screaming.

Spring/Summer 2003



The pic on the left was the first picture taken when we arrived at the tunnel. I take it that they were not expecting us!!! And the pic on the right was a shot form inside the tunnel. Notice all of the ORBS.


The picture above is of the tunnel from the enterance. To the eye there does'nt really seem to be anything supernatural about this pic, but if you look very close in the box that we have outlined, you can see an image of a face screaming in the concrete.


This picture was submitted to me from a visitor of the site. "The picture was taken last year (2003) around October or so...The guy at the end of it appeared when I took the pic. No one was there when I was ready to shoot it. When we got into the tunnel to the other side he was looking for his dog who got spooked at ran away... He didn't find him at all to my understanding." -Tania

Sunday, Oct.31/04

Notes: Halloween!!! Tunnel a lot colder then outside of it. The middle of the tunnel was extremely cold and we felt a frequent strong breeze coming down from the top. The back of the tunnel leading into the forest had a very strong and potent smell, indescribable.



These two pics were taken at the front of the tunnel as soon as we got there. You can notice all kinds of ORBS throughtout both pictures.



The pic on the left was taken as we first entered the tunnel. You can notice all the ORBS mainly in the center of the pic in the tunnel. The pic on right has a couple ORBS near the bottom right corner of the pic.



Both pics above are from the back of the tunnel. The one on the left you can see some ORBS in the middle of the tunnel. The one on the right you can see an ORB in motion near the bottom right corner.


The pic above was taken when we were leaving. I could get the feeling of being watched so i turned around and took this pic. Notice all the ORBS throughout the picture. 

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